A collection of short and flash fiction

A collection of flash fiction and short-short stories. All stories previously published and featured in various webzines and anthologies.

Dark Angels

The day the boy left for basic training, his father fielded a strange phone call. It was the army base looking for the boy. The puke missed his induction and a sergeant wanted to know the problem.

Sometime between the draft notice and the barracks, the boy decided he wasn’t going to Vietnam and that was that.

“He didn’t say anything to us. …

A collection of short and flash fiction

A collection of flash fiction and short-short stories. All stories previously published and featured in various webzines and anthologies.

Father’s Day

The morning before Father’s Day, my brother and I rode our bicycles to McCann’s Gift Shop. The store carried a brass shaving kit with our old man’s initials embossed on the mahogany case. We went fifty-fifty on the gift and engraving — an idea endorsed by our mother.

Mama Bear raised the bar and demanded we start acting like grownups instead of children. By then, the man of the house had started getting on…

A new vision for America’s game

Ben Hershey/Unsplash

Over the last half-century, the popularity of American football has exploded. These days, the sport appears to have replaced baseball as the country’s favorite pastime.

Both the NFL and the NCAA have watched their reach and bottom lines expand exponentially. From the creation of streaming platforms to online gambling. Television coverage and added programming on national, regional, and cable channels continue to grow each year. Factor in the fantasy leagues, podcasts, and digital media landscape, the sport’s popularity, and personal engagement appears boundless, if not infinitive.

Along with the NFL’s domestic popularity, the invitation to host games in foreign countries…

A Field Guide For The Film and TV Extra

31. Production Sets the Agenda, Not the Casting Agency

Every detail and decision must funnel through and be approved by production. It’s the production team who calls the shots and writes the schedule that puts this cog in motion. Without that television show, commercial, or movie, there is no casting agency and roles for the film and TV extra to fill.

Despite this, I’ve witnessed background actors venting over the phone with casting agents. An agitated extra released from the production date or asked to reschedule a booking.

Disruptive and inconvenient for sure, as bills and rent are barking for…

A Field Guide For The Film and TV Extra

21. Working With Celebrities

Any day a notable actor could appear on set. It’s both a treat and a kick to share the floor with these artists while watching them do their thing. Bette Midler, Kevin Bacon, and Jennifer Hudson are just some of the personalities I’ve been on set with. I’ve had the pleasure to work with many more.

That said, I make it a point to leave principals, celebrities, and guest stars alone — this is their career. They’re being paid to be on set and it’s not a public appearance.

You could…

A Field Guide For The Film and TV Extra

11. Cellphones

It’s common to see extras checking their hand-helds between takes and camera set-ups. Despite productions becoming more lenient towards cellphone use, practice discretion — we still have a job to do.

Put your device on silent or airplane mode and keep it tucked away. If it’s a period piece, stash it in your belongings at satellite holding.

Don’t be that guy who holds up production by being on his phone instead of his start mark. The cameras are rolling and the scene is about to begin. …

A Field Guide For The Film and TV Extra

The go-to book for anyone thinking about background acting. Practical advice and what to expect while working with casting agencies and being on set. A field guide full of tips, support, and insight to help people enter and navigate the business.

1. Welcome Aboard

One doesn’t need a drama degree or acting experience to become a film and TV extra. Candidates don’t have to audition, harbor Oscar ambitions, or know the difference between stage left and stage right to join the cast.

Whether you plan to make background acting your primary job, a side…

Coming of age fiction honoring sacrifice


Eddie and Dave split the park that night, never looking back. By far, the big heist and that magical night would be their greatest hit of high school.

Something the boys never talked about or logged into the special memories section of the senior yearbook. It remained their secret. A mission that had to be done. Just like Pop-Pop in North Africa, Joe at Normandy, and Dave’s dad at the Inchon Landing and the Chosin Reservoir.

As high school carried on, something else happened. Mystical and moving, the boys continued to grow. As if…

Coming of age fiction honoring sacrifice


When Eddie arrived, Dave gave him the news that he’d be warming up the passenger seat. With no experience behind the wheel, Dave would handle the driving. End of story. Eddie had no business working the controls and his night of gaming the system was over before it started.

Dave also decided to employ the old man’s flatbed. A converted pickup with plywood planks to haul stuff. Dave claimed the tree wouldn’t fit in a regular pickup. Sounded like a valid point, and like most times, Eddie trusted Dave’s judgment.

The new and improved…

Coming of age fiction honoring sacrifice


Following dinner, Eddie went out to collect for the Chronicle. After a few customers, he reached Joe’s. The lights were on as Eddie approached. He parked his bicycle, climbed the steps, and rang the bell.

The foyer windows glowed and Eddie figured Joe was somewhere else in the house. Eddie pushed the ringer again and waited. Nothing.

Eddie snuck over to the parlor window and spotted Joe in his armchair, facing the TV. Joe wasn’t some deadbeat Eddie had to chase down. Eddie had all week to turn in his money and would figure…

Phil Rossi

Fiction and nonfiction: http://www.phil-rossi.com/home.html Background actor and day player: https://www.backstage.com/u/phil-rossi/

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