MWC Death

My brother Eddie (far left), my parents, and I (1998)

After multiple cancer surgeries, procedures, and my brother Eddie's death, my mother passed in her sleep at the age of 83. The final five years of her life were full of chemotherapy, grief, and steady decline.

Quality of Life became less and less. As my mother’s situation worsened, she required more and more attention. Meanwhile, my father, the primary caretaker at the ripe age of 86, did all he could to bring peace and comfort.

Just as these scripts unfold, so did my parents’ version. As Mom worsened and her attention more immediate, my father grew overwhelmed and rundown.


When the memorial for a fallen hero faces demolition, high school buddies devise a law-breaking scheme to save it. Will the boys succeed? If not, the sacrifice and memory of a Vietnam combat soldier will be lost forever. A teenage adventure set in the 1980s. ​A coming-of-age story about honor and sacrifice.


The future touched down near the end of Eddie’s sophomore year in high school. More like it crash-landed if you asked Eddie. “Computers” was the top buzzword in 1986, not baseball, Van Halen, or muscle cars.

The school planned a new addition to brush up against the gym…


For the Narcissist, the church culture provides power and cover. It’s the Narc’s vaccination to commit their sins while providing the authority and arrogance to play above the rules. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

All in with Jesus, high virtue, and ethics. Many might seem religious, but far from spiritual. They love to hide behind religion to wield their power and influence over their targets.

Most Narcissists love to boast about their Sunday attendance record and their involvement with parish activities. Fundraisers, food drives, and flea markets. …

Hermes Rivera/Unsplash

The Narcissist’s biggest quest is to gain control. Control over you, your emotions, and your agenda. This includes everything and everyone in your life. Your daily routines, your friends, family, and plans outside of your relationship and dare I say it, boundaries with the Narcissist.

Everything out of the Narcissist’s control is seen as a competitive disadvantage — to them. Narcissists need to be the center of the equation. The priority of your life. The Narc is the center stage headliner — we are merely background and supporting players.

They have a wide tool kit of manipulative tactics and tricks…

Claudio Schwarz/Unsplash

With the 20-year commemoration of the 2001 Terrorist Attacks upon us, I’d rather focus on the national strides we’ve made as a whole. Instead of dwelling on the falling skies of the newborn 20s, I’d rather incorporate an optimistic outlook. That includes going forward.

Let us never forget — the lives lost and the people who stepped up to answer the call on that fateful day, 20 years ago. They haven't gone anywhere. …

Photo by Tumisu on Pixabay

The Delta and Lambda variants have made me concerned. I’m reading reports on how vaccinated people are contracting Covid.

Despite the easing of mandates, I never stopped wearing my mask in public places, i.e., the supermarket and such. After an exception with the gym, I’ve since resumed masking up there as well.

While working out, it dawned on me, that it would be prudent to resume wearing my mask. The optics and demos of the gym reminded me that most members are also part of the club scene and Jersey Shore crowd. Add in the science that says this age…

Photo by Baim Hanif on Unsplash


Working hard or hardly working? Either or, steer clear from outside problems and toxic people. Episodes and antics that can ruin your career quickly and easily. Through social media, we’ve seen our share of digital brushfires.

The wrong and negative virality. Careless mistakes can curtail and often derail careers. Cancel culture is worse than a bear trap. A simple Google search can reveal information that can sink your life.

No one would know about this stuff in the old days without an expensive and thorough background check. Times have changed. Information and privacy are open markets and conversations. …

Photo by Arjiv Exports on Pexels

After two-and-a-half years in retail jewelry, I decided I’d had enough and began the blueprint for my own business. Unhappy and dissatisfied with the pay and toxic culture of the fine jewelry store.

A small staff in a high-end store in a stuffy, buttoned-up town. The owner prided himself on competing with the bigger stores in Manhattan. Tiffany’s, Cartier, and Harry Winston.

There was an heir of arrogance that was present and promoted. As if we were the finest store in the county, above, better, and beyond the other fine jewelry stores. …

Elyssa Fahndrich/Unsplash

As Andrew Cuomo fought back allegations of sexual misconduct, I couldn’t help thinking of then-President Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

From the get, Clinton maintained his innocence. Sexual relations? I don’t even know this woman, Clinton went on. Soon after, the stuff hit the fan, Clinton was outed, and we all found out how well Bubba knew Monica.

As articles of impeachment were drawn up on Capitol Hill, Clinton kept his ground. Defiant and combative, even as prominent democrats urged the President to resign. Clinton refused to resign and weathered the proverbial storm.

Cut to Andrew Cuomo. The…

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash

Many people, even your loved ones, won’t offer the best advice when you need it most. They might mean well, and well-meaning isn’t often the best solution to your dilemma despite this.

Their advice is often meant to protect you. True, it might come from a loving place, but what’s gaining without the pain? Losing time and money could be costly, with additional setbacks. What are the consequences of not moving forward and staying in the same spot?

What others might think of the safety and security of solid ground may not be for you. …

Phil Rossi

Fiction and nonfiction: Background actor and day player:

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