The United States of Karma

Better late than never, the Trump presidency has unraveled

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The United States and its democracy might have dodged a doomsday bomb. For the country’s sake, we’re fortunate this wasn’t a closer election. If one or two battleground states decided the election’s outcome, a dier scenario could have unfolded.

Trump and his gangsters would have certainly contested such results. Imagine more vigor and pressure on a single state and the election reversed? If so, the greatest crime in our history. In plain sight by a sitting president?

The post-election violence initially feared, would erupt ten-fold under such a scenario. Armed militias, the military, and rioters taking to the streets. Urban warfare, insurrection, and resistance followed by martial law. Anarchy, looting, and vandalism escalating towards revolution and civil war.

Masses of MAGA followers have already bought into Trump’s false claim of a fraudulent and stolen election. Despite the institutions claiming otherwise and offering proof. Across the board, news outlets reporting a free, fair, and honest election. Their findings supported by right-wing and conservative media as well.

To the MAGA crowd, it’s all fake news, despite the numbers and facts. To them, Biden’s six million lead in the popular vote and 74 in the Electoral College is skewed and propagandas.

Millions of MAGA supporters believe in Trump’s rhetoric over math, the courts, and reality. Imagine if this were Florida from the 2000 election? The country would face implosion with a sitting president leading the charge.

Let us never forget Trump’s post-election actions. Holding an anxious country hostage with his antics, rage, and abuse of power. The quest to disqualify millions of votes while disenfranchising swaths of the electorate.

Upwards of 30 lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign have already failed. Outlandish and embarrassing claims of hoax and speculation. Every motion tossed out of court for lack of proof, evidence, and substance.

All of this evil while plotting to sabotage his successor. The country and it’s future along with it.

Shameless and destructive actions that should never be tolerated nor happen again. Trump risked all of this potential damage and fallout over an election. If this were a movie, its plotline would spell treason.

Biden voters rejoiced on two separate occasions. The first, when their candidate was declared the winner and President-Elect. The second, when Trump allowed the transition to begin.

The third will be January 20, 2021. If we’re lucky, Trump could resign and leave the White House before then. I’d favor a Mike Pence presidency for two months, just to get Trump off of the stage.

Where is the Karma?

Despite our flaws, I see America as a just and noble nation. Do we have issues, concerns, and social problems? Yes, but nothing we can’t fix.

In the previous weeks, our institutions showed and proved their mettle. Tested and stressed, the Post Office and our election boards rose to the occasion. There were no reported shenanigans, intimidation, or violence at any poll stations, coast-to-coast.

During the post-election period, our higher institutions bent but didn’t buckle under the pressure of Trump’s bogus claims. Nor did they falter afterward under the president’s lawsuits and political pressure.

Trump’s own undoing began with his bungled response to the pandemic. Dividing the nation instead of galvanizing us to combat Covid-19. Where were his leadership and initiative skills? His diplomacy and empathy? Not that he had any of these virtues, to begin with.

The bright side? Envision the pandemic appearing in 2021 instead of 2020. Before Covid-19, Trump remained a heavy favorite to win reelection. If so, he would have had a full-term and reign to manage the outbreak.

In a hypothetical 2021, it would have been too late for the Main Street voter to change their ballot. 2020 provided this chance. An opportunity that pushed Biden to victory.

After the 2016 election and accusations of foreign interference, we stepped up. The results appeared during the 2020 election. Kudos to all of our fellow citizens who pitched in to realize this. All while risking exposure to the virus. By the way, not one thank you tweet from the White House.

Mail-in voting coupled with strict oversight proved to be a resounding success. Online portals where citizens could view ballot-counting in real-time. Websites that verified reception of their ballot. Countless poll workers and volunteers embraced our democracy and nation’s essence.

There’s room to build on these results and improve the process. The General Services Administration (GSA) could also be reformed. Instead of under White House control, it could be transferred and turned into an independent agency.

This will allow all future transitions to begin on schedule. Once a winner is declared, this next step begins, unobstructed.

Trump’s antics should force us to review presidential powers. A better balance during the lame-duck and transitional period. Most are done in good faith and collaboration. Instead of hoping, we could ensure this plays out.

Over the recent weeks and days, it’s Joe Biden who has been the adult in the room. Providing calm and reassurance to an anxious nation. In essence, just what we need.

In defeat, Trump has acted erratic, unstable, and unpredictable. Behaving more like a tyrant than a statesman. Biden’s response to Trump’s behavior has been refreshing — staying the course and tolerating the noise. Unruffled, professional, and patient.

In the wake of setback and defeat, Trump has gone nuclear. Thankfully, his doomsday bombs, an arsenal of misfires and duds.

A unique and unprecedented 2020 isn’t all bad. It has provided a few silver linings. Most recently, Joe Biden turned 78 years old. On Inauguration Day, he becomes 46. Now, that’s karmic.

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